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Top 22 Shotgun Accessories Every Hunter Should Consider

Shotguns are versatile firearms that can be enhanced with various accessories to improve performance, comfort, and functionality. Whether you’re hunting game or practicing at the range, the right accessories can make a significant difference in your shooting experience. In this guide, we’ll explore 22 shotgun accessories that every hunter should consider. Whether you’re in search of a shotgun for sale or looking for shotgun ammo for sale, these accessories can enhance your hunting or shooting endeavors.

22 Shotgun Accessories for Hunters

  1. Choke Tubes

Choke tubes are essential accessories that allow hunters to adjust the spread and range of their shotgun pellets. They come in different constriction levels, such as improved cylinder, modified, and full choke, offering versatility for different hunting scenarios.

  1. Slings

A shotgun sling provides convenience and comfort by allowing hunters to carry their firearm hands-free. Slings come in various materials and designs, including padded options for added comfort during long hunts.

  1. Shell Holders

Shell holders attach to the shotgun stock or receiver, providing quick and easy access to additional ammunition. They come in different configurations, such as side-saddle shell holders or buttstock shell carriers, ensuring hunters have spare rounds readily available.

  1. Recoil Pads

Recoil pads help reduce felt recoil, making shooting more comfortable, especially with heavier loads or extended shooting sessions. They come in different thicknesses and materials to suit individual preferences.

  1. Optics

Optics, such as red dot sights or scopes, can enhance accuracy and target acquisition. They are particularly beneficial for slug hunting or when shooting at longer ranges.

  1. Sling Swivels

Sling swivels are essential for attaching slings to shotguns securely. They come in different styles, including stud-mount and barrel-band swivels, ensuring compatibility with various shotgun models.

  1. Stocks and Grips

Aftermarket stocks and grips allow hunters to customize the fit and feel of their shotgun. Adjustable stocks and ergonomic grips can improve comfort and control, especially for shooters with different hand sizes.

  1. Flashlights

Shotgun-mounted flashlights are valuable accessories for low-light hunting or tactical situations. They provide illumination to identify targets and navigate dark environments effectively.

  1. Barrel Clamps

Barrel clamps attach accessories such as lights or lasers to the shotgun barrel. They provide a secure mounting point without permanent modifications to the firearm.

  1. Magazine Extensions

For shotguns with tubular magazines, magazine extensions increase ammunition capacity, allowing hunters to carry more rounds without reloading frequently.

  1. Sights and Bead Replacements

Upgrading factory sights or bead replacements with high-visibility options can improve target acquisition and accuracy, especially in challenging lighting conditions.

  1. Cleaning Kits

Proper maintenance is crucial for firearm longevity and performance. A shotgun cleaning kit includes brushes, patches, and lubricants for regular cleaning and maintenance.

  1. Camouflage Accessories

Camouflage tape or wraps can help hunters conceal their shotguns, reducing visibility to game animals and increasing hunting success.

  1. Adjustable Comb Height

An adjustable comb allows shooters to customize the comb height for a better cheek weld and alignment with optics or sights, improving shooting comfort and accuracy.

  1. Trigger Enhancements

Aftermarket triggers or trigger kits can improve trigger pull weight and feel, enhancing overall shooting performance and control.

  1. Stock Shells and Storage

Stock shells and storage compartments integrated into the shotgun stock provide convenient storage for small accessories, tools, or extra ammunition.

  1. Barrel Shrouds

Barrel shrouds offer protection for the shotgun barrel, reducing wear and damage, especially in rugged hunting environments.

  1. Rifle Conversion Kits

Some shotguns can be converted into rifles with conversion kits, expanding their versatility for different shooting activities or hunting purposes.

  1. Bipods

Shotgun bipods provide stability for precision shooting or long-range hunting, allowing shooters to maintain a steady aim and reduce fatigue.

  1. Recoil Suppressors

Recoil suppressors or muzzle brakes can help mitigate felt recoil, making shooting more comfortable and reducing muzzle rise for faster follow-up shots.

  1. Shotshell Holders

Separate shotshell holders or caddies can be attached to belts or gear, providing additional ammunition storage for quick reloads during hunting or shooting competitions.

  1. Training Aids

Training aids such as snap caps, laser training devices, or dummy rounds can help improve shooting skills, practice drills, and firearm handling techniques safely.

FAQs About Shotguns
  • What is the range of a .22 shotgun?

The effective range of a .22 shotgun can vary depending on factors such as barrel length, ammunition type, and shooter skill. Generally, .22 shotguns are effective at ranges up to 50 yards for small game hunting or target shooting.

  • What is a 22 shotgun used for?

A .22 shotgun, typically chambered in .22 LR, is commonly used for small game hunting, pest control, and recreational shooting. It offers relatively low recoil and cost-effective ammunition, making it suitable for various shooting activities.

  • What is the main purpose of a shotgun?

The main purpose of a shotgun is to fire a spread of pellets or a single projectile (slug) at targets, making it versatile for hunting, sport shooting, self-defense, and law enforcement applications.


Shotgun accessories play a vital role in enhancing performance, comfort, and functionality for hunters and shooters. Whether you’re looking for a shotgun for sale or seeking shotgun ammo for sale, consider investing in these top 22 shotgun accessories to improve your shooting experience. From choke tubes and slings to optics and cleaning kits, the right accessories can make a significant difference in your hunting success and shooting enjoyment.

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